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Doing Business in Brazil 2006

Author: Subnational Doing Business
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Doing Business in Brazil 2006—the second state-level report in the Doing Business series—covers 13 Brazilian cities in 5 areas of regulation: starting a business, registering property, obtaining credit, paying taxes, and enforcing a contract. The subnational report highlights the increasing importance of state and city level reforms in a globalized world as cities, as much as countries, are competing for investments.

Main Findings

  • It was easiest to do business in Brasilia and most difficult in Fortaleza.
  • There was a wide variation in the time it took to transfer property in Brazil -- from less than a month in São Luís to almost 3 months in Campo Grande.
  • Complying with business regulations was easiest in Brasilia, but in Belo Horizonte it took only 2 days to create and register collateral, compared to 45 days in Brasilia.
  • Businesses in Rio de Janeiro are burdened with one of the highest tax rates in the world.